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Update September 18th, 2017

Last week: Patrol Leader Council and Troop Meeting.
This past weekend: USC squeaked out yet another victory to keep alive a 12 game winning streak, and oh yeah, the Bulldogs went on their very own campout as a patrol to Caspers!
Troop Leaders needed: According to Will Ronnau, we are still in need of a Scribe, a Troop Instructor, Quartermaster, and a few other positions. Please let him know if one of these would be of interest to you.
This week: Road to First Class at 6:30 pm and Troop Meeting at 7:30 pm. All at the North Seal Beach Community Center (3333 St. Cloud). Last night to turn in Rank Advancements, do Boards of Review, and turn in Blue Cards.
Camporall Sign-ups this week: Please remember to sign up for Camporall (Oct 13-15) this week if you can. It is a GREAT way for you to give back to the local Cub Scout Packs and Webelo/Arrow of Light dens by teaching something you are enthusiastic about to younger Scouts and getting them fired up about joining Boy Scouts in the near future.
Next week: September Court of Honor - 7 PM (30 minutes early)
As a reminder, September Troop Meetings we return to the NSBCC and resume wearing Class A Uniforms.
Personal Fitness Merit Badge
If you are working on your Personal Fitness Merit Badge, [leasedon't forget to keep track of your testing every two weeks and track any daily physical activity you do over the next 12 weeks. Links to the worksheets and merit badge booklet are here:
If you missed it, it's not too late to start! Join us this Tuesday!
If you have questions or need to contact her, please use Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor's Laura McDiarmid's home email address at ranyn@verizon.net.
Eagle Projects: The next several weekends and some weekdays will be jam-packed with Eagle Projects. Scott Hall, Joe Byone, and Dylan Norrbom and more will all be soliciting your help. They need the help, they deserve the help, you need the service hours, and their deserving project beneficiaries really need these projects completed.
Adult Training: Online training is available now. A LOT of it. Please go online to http://voiceofscouting.org/scouting-u-finishes-online-training to see more details.
Calendar of events for the near future
Tue Sep 19 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Sep 19 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Fri Sep 22 - Sat Sep 23 - OCC HAT Basic Backpacking Course
Tue Sep 26 - Court of Honor @ 7:00 pm
Sat Sep 30 - Oct 1 - Little Jimmy Backpack - Mt. Islip (Date change)
Mon Oct 2 - Troop Committee Meeting @ 7:30 pm (Rush Park Auditorium East Room)
Tue Oct 3 - Patrol Meetings
Fri Oct 6 - Oct 8 - Backpack/Forestry Merit Badge - Henniger Flats
Sun Oct 8 - Troop 642 Family Picnic & Bonfire @ Bolsa Chica
Tue Oct 10 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Thu Oct 12 - OFD Roundtable @ 7:30 pm
Fri Oct 13 - Oct 15 - Camporall (Webelos Woods) @ El Dorado Park
Tue Oct 17 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Oct 17 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Sat Oct 21 - Seal Beach Clean-up 9 am - 12 pm
Sat Oct 21 - Baden Powell Day Hike - Mt. Baden Powell
Sat Oct 21 - Dynamic Skills Merit Badge Day - Camp Trask
Sat Oct 21 - University of Scouting - Santiago Canyon College
Tue Oct 10 - Patrol Leaders Council @ 6:30 pm
Tue Oct 24 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Oct 24 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Sun Oct 29 - School Ghoul Run - Fundraiser and volunteer opportunity
Sat Nov 4 - Law MB Day - Loyola Law School
Sat Nov 4 - Scouting For Food
Sun Nov 5 - Veteran's Day Flag Planting
Mon Nov 6 - Troop Committee Meeting @ 7:30 pm (Rush Park Auditorium East Room)
Tue Nov 7 - Patrol Meetings
Thu Nov 9 - OFD Roundtable @ 7:30 pm
Tue Nov 14 - Patrol Leaders Council @ 6:30 pm
Tue Nov 14 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Fri Nov 17-19 - Road To First Class Weekend - Oso Lake 
Fri Nov 17-19 - Ladder Canyon Backpack - Desert Center
Sat Nov 18 - Seal Beach Clean-up 9 am - 12 pm
Tue Nov 21 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Nov 21 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Tue Nov 24 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Nov 24 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Tue Dec 5 - Patrol Meetings
Fri Dec 8 - Shooting Sports MB - Camp Trask
Tue Dec 12 - Patrol Leaders Council @ 6:30 pm
Tue Dec 12 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Thu Dec14 - OFD Roundtable @ 7:30 pm
Sat Dec 16 - Seal Beach Clean-up 9 am - 12 pm
Tue Dec 19 - Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Dec 19 - Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Other exciting outings being added every week... 
Scoutmaster Minute: I did a few Scoutmaster Conferences over the last week, and I came to an important conclusion. When I get bored or frustrated by the mechanics of how Scouting works, and the inevitable rush of requests for Scoutmaster conferences right before Court of Honor, I sometime lose sight of what I love about this job. I forget that I can make a difference, even if it's just to one Scout on a single day. When I get the chance to talk to a young man finding his way in the world, and hear what motivates (and frustrates) him, and hear him explain what he believes he can do to make the Troop better, it recharges my battery. I am less interested in if you can tie a knot than if you get tongue-tied explaining how you show your Duty to God. I am less interested in seeing you lash together two poles than I am hearing about what kind of leadership position you would like to take in the Troop. I am less interested in hearing about the 5 signs of a heart attack than I am in discussion what it's really like to face a life-and-death situation. I don't want to discount the value of knowing your knots, first aid, and scout skills, but I am more interested in seeing that you become young men of good character who make the right moral decision when the time comes to make one. I believe it is very important for you to know how to use a map and compass, but I believe that the Scout Law and Scout Oath are the most important road map you can encounter, and your heart and mind, knowing the true and just thing to do, is the most important compass to be able to follow. I am more interested in seeing you young men form lasting memories and friendships than winning prizes and competitions. But it is by working together to learn these skills, by teaching each other with enthusiasm and patience, and by doing the right thing together that Scouting really makes a difference. If you agree, let me know.


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