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Update April 24th, 2017

Last Week: Troop Meeting focused on preparing for Camporee
This WeekROAD TO FIRST CLASS from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Troop Meeting focused on lessons learned at Camporee. 
No meeting next week - Patrol Meetings instead.
OFD Camporee: This weekend went pretty well. The boys mostly worked together, but have a lot of room for improvement across the board.
Adventure Cards: This Tuesday please plan on bringing $20 (or more) to buy Adventure Cards (Scout-O-Rama tix and discount cards) this week at the Troop Meeting. We need to sell them all this month or the admission ticket to Scout-o-Rama will be expired. See Sherry Daniels for details at the meeting. 
Summer Camp: If you have signed up for Summer Camp, you’ll get a detailed email by Wednesday with the next steps, plus what balance you have remaining. We need to pay in full bay May 1. In the meantime, think about your son’s annual physical and getting his Part C medical form filled out.
Palomar Observatory Campout: If you still want to sneak into this trip we may have more space. There will be an outing planning meeting directly after the Troop Meeting Tuesday night.
Recent Eagle Project: Victor Wicks conducted his Eagle Project this week. Please refer to the email sent out earlier about it. He is planning to do the manual labor for his project on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week; the scouts did landscaping, reworked the irrigation system, constructed benches, and creating a small hut for Mary's statue at St. Anne's Church of Seal Beach. Look for his sign up sheet this Tuesday.
Summer Camp 2017: We will take an Amtrak train to and from the camp. The dates for the trip will be the morning of Saturday July 8th to the evening of Sunday July 16th (we add one day onto each end for travel). The website for the camp is http://www.craterlakecouncil.org/Activities/For%20Boy%20Scouts/Summer%20Camp/Summer%20Camp
There are two 2017 Leader's Guides available for review at the Troop meetings to answer whatever questions you may have.
New parents of new Scouts - if you want to send your son to summer camp, please sign him up no later than Tuesday on the folder. Read the brochure, ask me questions, but decide soon. There's no way to be sure how many seats are left on the train. 
Calendar of events for the near future
Chica Conservancy Public Service Event
Tue Apr 25 – Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue Apr 25 – Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Tue Apr 25 – Palomar Outing Planning Meeting @ 8:30 pm
Mon May 1 - Troop 642 Committee Meeting
Tue May 2 – Patrol Meetings
Sat May 6 - Sun May 7 - Palomar Observatory Campout (Astronomy MB Trip)
Tue May 9 – Patrol Leaders Council @ 6:30 pm
Tue May 9 – Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Tue May 16 – Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm (may be cancelled due to Spring Break)
Sat May 20 – Seal Beach Clean-up 9 am - 12 pm
Tue May 23 – Road to First Class @ 6:30 pm
Tue May 23 – Troop Meeting @ 7:30 pm
Sat May 27 - Mon May 29 - Sierra South River Rafting Trip (Camp @ Whitsett)
Sat May 27 – Bolsa Chica Conservancy Public Service Event
Tue May 30 - Troop 642 Court of Honor
Scoutmaster Minute: Nick Morgan made a great point Sunday morning as we were closing out camp. If you're in 8th grade, and you're a Star or Life Scout, stop looking for others to lead you. YOU are the leaders now.


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