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Update July 30th, 2018

This week: Bonus Meeting since we missed a week from summer camp. Road to First Class at 6 pm and Troop Meeting at 7 pm. Younger scouts - we will be doing Totin' Chip Training, so please bring your pocketknife.
This weekend: Alvaro Ruiz and Ryan Morgan will be co-emceeing the Troop Bonfire. Please review the attachment. Here is the grammatically uncorrected message Alvaro asked me to forward: "At the bonfire on Sunday August 5 Bolsa Chica from 6:00-8:00 we will be having skits,roast delicious marsh mallows, and retire Flags. Me and Ryan are MC this bonfire. Please send an email out to everyone about bonfire."
Next week: Patrol Meeting week
Eagle Updates: Thank you to those of you who have been willing and able to volunteer for the Eagle Projects recently, both Dominic's and the first part of Will's, Erik's and Scott's. They cannot demonstrate leadership without volunteers, so please answer the call for aid whenever you can. More will be coming, especially since it is such a short summer. They still need your help! Please sign up whenever you are available. It's a moral imperative!
Erik Hassler's Eagle Fundraiser: Erik is raising funds to repair a wall and paint a mural on it at a YMCA pre-school. Here is the link to Erik's GoFundMe page: gf.me/u/i2gr98 Help if you can. Erik would like you to support his Eagle Project by making a donation and helping spread the word. 
"I speak for the trees" said the Lorax and the kids at the YMCA Creative Beginnings Preschool. This  5' by 20' mural project, themed around Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, will include wall repair and be accompanied by some wall plantings to be cared for by the children. Since this is Erik's Boy Scout Eagle project, any funds remaining at the conclusion of the project will go directly to the school. 
Scott Hassler's Eagle Fundraiser: Scott is raising funds to destroy the peaceful tranquility of Long Beach by creating a wall upon which pre-schoolers can make "music" to their hearts content. But seriously, it seems like a great project, called "Music is Magic." Another go fund me fundraiser. Here is the link to Scott's GoFundMe page: gf.me/u/i2gtvn
Scott would like you to support Music is Magic by making a donation and helping spread the word. The children of the Long Beach YMCA First Friendships Preschool will delight in making their own music. The funds will be used for a 4x8 foot wall with different items that can be used as percussive instruments such as pots and pans  with an 8x8 foot dance floor and a 4 foot tall structure with a wash bin to be used as a gong. Scott is excited to execute his Boy Scout Eagle Project, sharing his love of music. Any remaining funds will be given to the school.
Tue Jul 31 - Road to First Class @ 6 pm @ Rush Park
Tue Jul 31 - Troop Meeting @ 7 pm @ Rush Park
Sun Aug 5 - Troop Bonfire @ Bolsa Chica
Tue Aug 7 - Patrol Meeting Week
Tue Aug 14 - PLC @ 6 pm, Troop Meeting @ 7 pm
Sat Aug 18 - Seal Beach Rotary Annual Fishing Derby
Tue Aug 21 - Road to First Class @ 6 pm @ Rush Park
Tue Aug 21 - Troop Meeting @ 7 pm @ Rush Park
Tue Aug 28 - Road to First Class @ 6 pm @ Rush Park
Tue Aug 28 - Troop Meeting @ 7 pm @ Rush Park
Scoutmaster Minute: Our Outings Calendar is very thin right now. Think about where you want to go, what you want to do, and the fun you want to have. Let me know, and we'll plan it. It's easier than you think, but it does take a little advance planning (and reservations!). Come with ideas tomorrow. We are going to ask each patrol to be responsible for coming up with an idea & destination for a campout they think would be fun.


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